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Monaco: Twelve classes closed as virus spreads through schools

Number of A/H1N1 cases explodes

The Monegasque authorities have closed 12 classes at schools across the Principality of Monaco as more and more children fall victim to the A/H1N1 influenza virus, just two days after the vaccination campaign was launched. The schools affected are the Saint-Charles, the Charles-III and the 'lycée technique' high school.

At least 36 children were confirmed to have the virus, although the government expects that to be many more once the tests have been completed, hence the decision to close the classes. Up to now there have been around 15 cases a week in the Principality which launched its vaccination campaign on Thursday 12 November.

The double dose vaccine (requires patients to return within three weeks for the second one) is being offered to residents in phases. The first people to be sent a letter inviting them to go to one of two centres set up to dispense the injection are families with children under six months and those working in the medical field. Others who are deemed to be at risk will be contacted in the next couple of weeks. The campaign will run for four months.

The two centres are: the sports hall of the Louis II Stadium in Fontvieille and the 'Office de la Médecine du Travail'. Those who think they may not be registered can call 08 00 91 44 97 or 08 00 91 54 79.


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Comment by Katrin Nagel | 16.11.2009

That is actually quite frightening. What can you do, if all these precautions don't seem to work.
Get better soon, to all the children affected!

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