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Provence & Côte d’Azur: The Ministry of Defence faces corporate manslaughter after former military member claims that they were responsible for the Ajaccio-Nice tragedy

TV documentary reveals that military missile did kill 95 people

On Tuesday night, a former military secretary declared on national TV that an army blunder WAS behind the Ajaccio-Nice plane crash, which killed 95 people.

Michel Laty exposing the truth behind Ajaccio-Nice tragedy on TF1

Michel Laty told TF1 that a missile, misfired by the French army during a weapon test, shot down the passenger jet on the 11th of September 1968.

Laty was posted in Toulon at the time and claims that he was asked to type out a report that stated that: “a missile test on the Ile du Levant had been programmed to hit an out-of-service military air craft, when a civilian plane passed over the radar and the missile went off.”

He added that the plane did not explode because the missile were not armed but that the impact was destructive enough to bring the Air-France flight down.

So why has this man decided to speak up now, 43 years later?

He claims that he did not confess before because he was scared of putting himself in danger, TF1 reports. The Ministry of Defence have not yet responded to Laty's claims.

As The RT reported last week, the case of the 9/11 Ajaccio-Nice plane crash will be retrialed on the 12th of December by the criminal court in the Côte capital following the legal proceeding against the Minister of Defence by the families of the victims earlier this month.

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