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Provence & Côte d'Azur: Student archaeologists reveal partial skull of nordic hunter in Lazaret Caves in NIce.

Neanderthal skull fragment discovered in Nice

Part of a prehistoric skull, dating back 170,000 years, has been discovered during an archaeological dig in Nice. Experts say the discovery could reveal important clues to the evolution of humans.

Paleontologist Marie-Antoinette de Lumley with the Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, presenting the latest find at Lazaret Cave.
Paleontologist Marie-Antoinette de Lumley presents the skull fragment of a nordic hunter, discovered at the Lazaret Cave in Nice

Students Ludovic Dolez and Sébastian Lepvraud were working on the excavation site, Lazaret Caves, on 13th August, when they came across the partial remains of a forehead belonging to a Homo Erectus.

Paleontologist Marie-Antoinette de Lumley, who has been in charge of excavation at Lazaret since 1961, said the bone is an important find: "It belonged to a nomad hunter, less than 25 years old. He may be able to teach us more about the evolution of his successor, the Neanderthal man."

The bone was left to dry for a few days where it was discovered, before being removed for a special public announcement attended by Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi.

Archaeologists have been searching this site patiently for 50 years, unveiling more than 20,000 bone fragments from prehistoric animals.

The last human discovery in the cave was in 2009, when the molar tooth of a child was uncovered.

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Comment by Ken Seaton | 25.08.2011

Wonderful discovery - wondering why it was necessary to have all those expensive politicos around when we're supposed to be in austere times. I would have read the story without Messrs Estrosi and Ciotti having their mugshots attached. Perhaps there's no show without Punch - and Judy.

Comment by zman | 26.08.2011

Well, it is Neanderthal or Erectus? Badly written article.

Comment by dominos coupons | 06.12.2011

remarkable story of Estrosi and Ciotti, nice article for share

Comment by popeyes menu | 06.12.2011

Well, it is Neanderthal or Erectus?

Comment by kfc menu | 06.12.2011

Wonderful discovery - wondering why it was necessary to have all those expensive politicos around

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