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Lord Shaftesbury’s accused killers in court

Prosecution claim deceased British Earl’s wife and brother-in-law killed for money

The wife and brother-in-law of Lord Shaftesbury, the British Earl whose body was found several months after he disappeared from his home in Cannes, are to appear in court again.

The judge, Mme Catherine Bonnici, who is conducting proceedings at the court in Grasse announced the two suspects will reappear before her court. The sister and brother are accused of killing the Earl in November 2004 in order to benefit from his fortune. The prosecution will attempt to prove that Mohamed M’Barek, 41 years old, killed his brother-in-law on the request of his sister, Djamila, aged 43 years old who was married to the deceased. The motive proposed is that Djamila was aware that her husband was considering divorce and wanted to avoid losing the lifestyle to which she had become accustomed.

Having denied for some time that he had knowledge of the Earl’s disappearance or death, Mohamed M’Barek now claims that he accidentally killed the deceased during an argument. His co-accused sister who also claimed to have no information as to her husband’s whereabouts, now collaborates her brother’s explanation and claims she merely helped transport the body to where it was found.

The prosecution is happy with the judge’s decision, claiming that the proof that the accused committed murder for the sole motive of money is overwhelming.

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