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Provence & Côte d’Azur: The drive through will benefit many who are unable, or simply don't want to, leave their cars

France's first convenient police station

The nation’s first police station drive-through is being installed in Le Cannet near Cannes. Soon people will be able to report an incident to the police without even having to leave the comfort of their car or queue inside the station.

The drive-through will benefit parents with young kids in the car

Alain Cherqui, Deputy Director in charge of security and crime prevention in Le Cannet, said that the drive-through is "primarily intended for people with disabilities", but will be available for everyone to use.

The initiative, which will be known as ‘police drive’, will benefit those who, for example, have young children who can’t be left alone in the car, and those with a disability.  The 'police drive' will also have an intercom at the window, allowing people to alert a police officer at night.

The official opening date of the drive-through has not been set, but work is in progress. It will reportedly be installed in a brand new police station, on a site that previously held a popular bar.

Le Cannet has a population of 42,000 residents.

Nicole Mercier

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