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Côte d'Azur water safe

Most beaches show healthy bacteria levels

Good news for water lovers on the Côte d'Azur, the sea is regularly tested for bacteria and e-coli levels and for some time the results have been favourable. Nearly 150 beaches from Menton to Théoule show results in levels A and B which are considered safe by European standards. There are two beaches with a C classification which means the water was polluted at the time of testing. None of the waters tested resulted in a D, the lowest grouping. When it comes to water quality it is not just chemical tests that are carried out along the riviera, it is also checked for how it looks and smells. Sometimes these simple tests can indicate more serious underlying problems. Also when it comes to tourism these two factors are very important. While the results for the area are good at the moment it is worth bearing in mind that the EU has set down new, severer thresholds, but these will not come into effect in France until 2015.

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