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Provence & Cote d’Azur: A wanted man, suspected of killing his wife and children, may be behind yet another murder after a body is found

Body discovered in Var: another victim of Dupont de Ligonnés?

One month after the massacre that saw Xavier Dupont de Ligonnés go from a respectable family man to France’s most wanted fugitive, a new corpse has been found in the Var region, which may also be linked to his killing frenzy.

The body of Colette Deromme was found on a remote country road just along the beautiful Lake Sainte Croix (above). © Xavier Devroey

The body of Colette Deromme was discovered by hikers on Sunday afternoon dumped underneath a pile of rubble beside a tree just off a remote country road.

Deromme had been the neighbour of Dupont de Ligonnés when he and his family had lived in the Var village of Lorgues from the 1990s until 2003.

She is reported to have mysteriously disappeared from her home on the 14th of April, which was around the same time that Dupont de Ligonnés was spotted in the Var region. Seemingly on the run by this point, he was hundreds of miles from the family home in Nantes where the bodies of his four children and 49-year-old wife were buried.

The hikers, who have not been identified, found Deromme’s decomposed remains while taking pictures of the area around Lake Sainte Croix.

They told press the area had reeked of an unusual stench and they were shocked when they discovered that it was coming from a body concealed behind a grove tree on the D957 autoroute.

The family of the victim were told yesterday of her death and have not released any statements.

Deromme, who had been divorced for many years, came from a well-known family in Lorgues and is believed to have lead an ordinary life up until her tragically early death last month. She has her four children.

Investigators have not confirmed the cause of Deromme’s death and an autopsy report is yet to be released. French police are still trying to find Dupont de Ligonnés who they believe may be related to this case. A European warrant has already been issued for his arrest.

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Comment by MJ | 18.05.2011

Why is it that hikers always find the body? How are we not sure that they didnt do this and frame poor Xavier Dupont de Ligonnés. I bet theres a society of secret hikers killing people around the world then framing others and then reporting the body to throw suspicion away.

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