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Monaco: Peter Cruddas pledges 400,000 pounds to hamper political reform

Monaco businessman unveiled as No to AV top donor

A Monaco based businessman has donated 400,000 pounds to the No to AV campaign.

Peter Cruddas, who runs CMC Markets, a financial service company based out of London, pledged the six-figure sum ahead of today’s referendum on a change to the Alternative Voting system.

The stockbroker, said to be the richest man in the City of London, is a prominent Tory donor, having donated 200,000 pounds to the party in 2009.

Cruddas is just one of a whole host of hedge fund managers and city financiers who have made large pledges towards the anti-electoral reform camp, which has led to further allegations that David Cameron is in the pocket of a privileged bankers.

This latest revelation, published in The Guardian on Tuesday, comes at the end of an allegedly underhanded campaign run by the No to AV team, which at one point appeared to insinuate that babies would die if the Yes camp were to win. Their poster of a sick baby carrying the slogan, ‘She needs a new cardiac facility not an alternative voting system’, was just one example of their attempt to sway public opinion with unfounded allegations regarding the extra costs of implementing a new voting system.

Liberal Democrat energy secretary, Chris Huhne, reportedly erupted at Cameron and the chancellor George Osborne during a cabinet meeting on Tuesday over their lack of discipline during the No to AV campaign in regards to literature that attempted to smear the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg. Huhne called the attack "nasty, personal and vindictive."

A ComRes on Tuesday put the No campaign 32 points ahead of the movement for election reform based upon voters who would definitely vote in the referendum.


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Comment by Juliet | 05.05.2011

The Tories have got some cheek to drag the health service into their No to AV campaign when the UK in the midst of the biggest NHS cutbacks for years. Then again it's only the kind of low life, underhand tactics I've come to expect from the the privileged in power (who all have private health plans and visit Harley-St for a check up on doubt). It only emphasizes once again why voting reform is so crucial if we want a fairer system that represents all levels of society and not only the well off.

Comment by child of the revolution | 05.05.2011

Typical tax dodging Tories. VOTE YES AND KICK THEM OUT!

Comment by john cruddas | 05.05.2011

after 12 years of brown and blair i cant believe people are criticising the present govt when they are only clearing up the mess left behind by the labour incompetents,if you borrow money you eventually have to pay it back,the av systemis a shambles every where it is implemented,the uk is in a terrible mess thru membership of the eec and the bottomless pit of money required to keep it afloat,the real referendum should be about membership of the eec ,give the british voters a chance to vote on that issue

Comment by the real voice of the uk | 05.05.2011

can we have constructive comments and not idiotic claptrap as posted by child of the revolution........(what bloody revolution)

Comment by champagne socialist | 05.05.2011

@John: I'm sorry to hear that you have fallen for the Tory PR trap, but lets face facts that the gov. debt reached these levels because of the bank bailouts which were caused by the bankers, which as this article points out have been paying to prevent better representation of the British people in UK elections.

But what would I know I'm just a champagne socialist

Comment by real voice of the uk | 05.05.2011

dear champagne socialist,the cause of this whole debacle is brown and brown alone,he was the one that removed the bank of englands power to control the amount of credit in circulation and gave the green light to the banks to lend to all and sundrie in fact encouraging them to follow this course of action to create a spending boom,and we all know now where this finished up...in the carsey,enjoy the dom perignon

Comment by Juliet | 05.05.2011

If you want to talk about Blaire and Brown then let's talk about Thatcher, we're still recovering from the last Tory regime that only have had time for the rich, privatized the nation (and let's look at how that's worked out) and lacked any sense of social justice. The oldest trick in the book is to blame the last party. Why do people continue to keep falling for it again and again...

Comment by true voice of britain | 06.05.2011

well this last labour govt. had almost 12 years in power ,longer than any labour govt in history(longer than thatcher) and still we have this complete and utter failure of fiscal policies,what happened to no more boom and bust,altogether now"things can only get better"brown couldnt organise a bunk up in a brothel,he is now back in scotland where they are welcome to his brand of wisdom

Comment by champagne socialist | 06.05.2011

@truevoiceofbritain: I'll think you'll find the previous Tory government was in power for 17 years (11 of which were under Thatcher) so I guess that Labour still had 4 years to clean up the mess that was left behind by that administration? Or am I just being silly?

Best dash the Dom Perignon is on ice!

Comment by voice of britain | 06.05.2011

yes you are being sillychampagne charlie sorry socialist,i dont remember during the thatcher years being so skint,but you will always be what you are so i wish you luck as you are not a normal socialist,cursing everything that money can buy so i wish you luck and chin chin ,enjoy the champers,ill just quaff my pomerol,maggie maggie maggie oi oi oi ha ha all the best mate

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