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Monaco: A monumental win for the Horizon Monaco group promising change

Landslide victory for Horizon Monaco

The results are in – Horizon Monaco has emerged victorious from the Principality's national elections, with 20 seats out of 24 to their name. The opposition party of old now finds itself in the ultimate position of power, and says change is on the agenda.

The Horizon Monaco party will hold 20 seats in the National Council

Early in the evening of Sunday 10th February, the two foremost parties, Horizon Monaco (HM) and Union Monégasque (UM), were close. Rumours began spreading close to midnight about HM's expanding lead. Just after 3am, victory was confirmed for the group, which is led by Laurent Nouvion.

Union Monégasque, with Jean-François Robillon at the helm, came in second with just three seats. The new party on the block, Renaissance, made up of SBM employees, will be represented in the High Assembly by one seat, held by Eric Elena, who obtained 566 votes.

Horizon Monaco topped the polls in both votes and in seats, with party member Jacques Rit winning 2,514 votes, followed by Christophe Steiner with 2,484 votes and finally Laurent Nouvion with 2,475 to his name. The most popular non-HM party member was UM member Jean-louis Grinda, with 1,971 votes.

La Salle du Canton was the setting for the big event, where 5,088 turned up over a space of 24 hours to cast their ballot. In an attempt to raise participation levels, buses and parking were free for holders of electorate cards. According to a report in local newspaper Monaco Matin, participation rates were at 74.55 per cent, an improvement on the falling numbers of 2008.

The next stage is the election of the President of the National Council on 21st February. The HM party is made up of several political groups and independants and it remains to be seen how commissioning will be shared amongst members.

"The people of Monaco have decided. They have opted for a change in method," Laurent Nouvion told Monaco Matin. 

Nancy Jane Carragher

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