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Monaco: Less energy, les water, less paper

A green Grimaldi

Monaco's congress and culture hub has been a strong pillar for the eco-community for the last five years and the modern establishment has now pledged to continue its fight against pollution with a new mantra. "Less energy, less water, less paper", promises the Grimaldi Forum as its launches an initiative to help lower the building's carbon footprint.

The Grimaldi Forum has pledged to lower its carbon footprint

In 2008, the Grimaldi Forum became one of the first European congress buildings to be awarded the ISO 14001 certificate that champions eco-awareness and environmentally friendly activities. But what has changed in the last half decade and can the cultural centre continue to live up to its greener than green image?

"Less energy, less water, less paper," said the Grimaldi Forum's environmental and human resources manager Nathalie Paccino, "these are the things we want to achieve." Cutting all of these "luxuries" has been difficult for the Grimaldi Forum but Paccino insists that "the return is worth the investment".  

Over the last five years, the Grimaldi Forum has cut its electricity by almost ten per cent, totaling a reduction in energy usage equivalent to 200 homes in the Principality.

The water rates are better again with a 24 per cent drop in the last fiscal year while since 2008, the events centre has halved its water consumption.

The Grimaldi Forum currently recycles almost half of all its waste and has expressed a keen interest in buying into more "green products" such as biodegradable items and recycled paper. This year, the establishment hopes to reduce its paper usage by two per cent and has already begun to offer its clients "green" solutions at their events, limiting printoffs and using other means of publicising activities.

When the building was built, architects envisaged a low energy establishment that could use the surrounding area to its advantage, for example, the Grimaldi Forum's air conditioning system is run on water from the Mediterranean. In the years to come, the centre is set to continue its efforts to reduce and reuse with new projects and ideas lined up.

Elsa Carpenter

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