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Monaco: Bentley driver causes over 100,000 euros worth of damage in Monte Carlo misdemeanour

Casino square brought to a standstill in five car pileup

A five car pileup in Monaco’s luxurious Casino Square resulted in an estimated 125,000 euros worth of damage.

A woman managed to drive her 285,000 euro Bentley Azure into a host of other luxury cars outside Monte-Carlo’s world famous casino on Thursday afternoon.

The driver and her two passengers became trapped inside the vehicle as it came into contact with a Mercedes Benz, a Ferrari, an Aston Martin and a Porsche.

It appears the woman clipped the Mercedes S-Class first before ploughing into the other cars.

Hundreds of tourists captured the moment on film, before the woman and her passengers were rescued by a police officer.

If you have any pictures of the incident send them on to the team by e-mail rivieratimes@mediterra.com

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Comment by carid | 16.12.2011

That has got to be one of the most expensive car pile up ever. It is unlucky that the woman had to crash into that many expensive cars. This reminds me of a similar pile up involving many Lamborghinis in China that had a total damage numbering in the millions.

Comment by Brianna Slots | 23.12.2011

The strip of roads in Monaco near the casinos are a prime location to spot nice cars. Car lovers would enjoy the view of luxury and sports cars that drive by now and then. The 5 car pile up must have been an interesting sight for people who happen to be car watching on that day too.

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