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Monaco: Post-honeymoon, Prince Albert II finally speaks out against the “unbearable” media reports

A prince indignant

On landing back in his kingdom after a lengthy African honeymoon with his new wife, it took Prince Albert II just 12 hours to speak out against the rumours that have been swirling around himself and Princess Charlene since their wedding.

The Prince and his wife fought back. Photo: Copyright of Palace Princier
Fighting back: Prince Albert and Princess Charlene. Photo: Copyright of Palace Princier

The recently married couple returned to the Principality from Mozambique at around 6am yesterday morning. The same day, at 6pm, the prince called members of the Monegasque press for a briefing with himself and his wife that would allow them to respond personally to the international scandal that has refused to go away.

They have not even been married for a month yet, but speculation already abounds about almost every detail of the couple‘s private life. In his statement yesterday, the prince expressed his own, and his wife’s, personal distress at the constant negative gossip surrounding his relationship: “We are honestly feeling aggrieved by the current rumours. It is simply not acceptable anymore.”

The rumour mill began grinding on June 28th, just days before their lavish wedding was due to take place. The French paper L’Express published an online article in which Charlene Wittstock was reported to have tried to escape her impending marriage. It was said that the South African had been attempting to return to her native country but had been stopped by the police at the airport in Nice and sent back to Monaco. L’Express went on to insinuate that the princess-to-be had tried to flee after hearing that her fiancé had fathered a third illegitimate child.

According to Thierry Lacoste, the prince’s lawyer and close friend who is interviewed in today’s Monaco Matin, legal proceedings against L’Express will soon get underway in Paris or Nanterre.

After the L’Express piece was published, the international press went wild, claiming the couple was in crisis and portraying their relationship as a sham. From the bride’s tears in the church to the news that the honeymooning husband and wife were sleeping in different hotels in South Africa, nothing they did went unnoticed, and uncommented on, by the scandal-hungry media.

The Swiss newspaper Blick asked, ‘Is it love?’. The Sunday Times drew a portrait of ‘The full filthy Monte’. The South African paper, City Press, focused on the strange honeymoon which entailed separate cars, separate rooms in different hotels and a kiss on the cheek. On July 13th Le Figaro ran the story, ‘The strange honeymoon of Charlène and Albert of Monaco’.

But now, Albert says enough is enough. The media have gone too far. “We want to express our outrage at the rumours,” he said with force yesterday before adding, “it's unbearable.” Although he said that he and Princess Charlene had been able to laugh at some of the stories, such as the one about their separate hotels (which was of course for "practical reasons") they have been clearly disturbed and distressed by the way the media has handled them. “What is regrettable is that the media seized on these rumours without verifying the information. I find it unworthy of your colleagues,” he told the Monegasque journalists gathered. “ I have always respected the freedom of press but spreading false information is both lamentable and subject to criminal charges.”

At the end of the short, twelve-minute briefing, Prince Albert II stated flatly, “I won’t reply to any questions.” He then turned and, putting a gentle hand on her knee, asked his wife if she had anything to add. "No," she replied, "I think that says it all." And with that last word, they are clearly hoping to put an end to the sorry affair. 

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Comment by Igor Doubenko | 21.07.2011

It's now time to stop this media craziness. The journalists just have to leave Their Royal Highnesses alone and let them live their life.

With my best regards to HSH Albert and HSH Charlene?


Igor Doubenko,
Excutive Director,

Comment by Annalize Mouton | 21.07.2011

I agree. the press should stop all these rumours and i wish them both a happy, blessed and long, loving marriage.

Comment by Nesrin Savaş | 21.07.2011


It's very nasty things! Most of journalist doing these... Leave them alone! That's it!!!

They love each other. I can easily see that...
Princesse Charlene Grimaldi is like a diamond.

She is pure, class, deeper and beautiful.
Also the heart.

Always her husband Albert II will take care of his amazing wife...

Monaco people loves Charlene as well. And she is going to have lovely kids.

I think; Albert and Charlene souldn't answer any stupid questions. That's their life. They are so nice.

What happened to Diana? Who did it? Most of journalist and someones must think very well.
If these things happens to your family, do you like it? So why are you so bad for others private?

Happy life to Charlene & Albert...

Comment by Marietjie James | 21.07.2011

I wish them a long and happy marriage - they make a beautiful couple.

Comment by Elena | 21.07.2011

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene deserve the best respect especially when they are starting a new life as husband and wife. We should pray for them wish them well, instead of maliciously gossiping. Let's pray that their marriage is blessed by the almighty for the rest of their lives. God bless Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene!

Comment by Elena | 21.07.2011

Prince Albert II & Princess Charlene, we love you and hold you both in our fervent prayers. Princess Charlene, you will do a great job being first Mom to Monaco. The blessed Virgin Mary will guide you through it all. I will keep you and Prince Albert II in my prayers always. Sincerely with love -Elena (from Torrance, California USA)

Comment by Anka Zwicky | 22.07.2011

I think its time to leave them in peace and dont be to surprised when the true source of this false infomation gets public. I wish them all the happiness and a long life together.They are perfect EXAMPLES of how royals should behave and thats making some idiots Jealous-. Dont let them get the better of you two wonderful people . God bless you both.

Comment by Annamarie Steenkamp | 22.07.2011

Ek is baie bly om te sien dat niks jou onder kry nie, want wat die mensdom nie weet nie is dat jy nie sommer ons Afrikaners onder kry nie ongeag wat ook al gebeur. Ek wens julle 'n geseende huwelik toe, en natuurlik kinders by doesyne. Liefde Annamarie

Comment by Geoff | 22.07.2011

Prince Albert is about as believable as James Murdoch!

Comment by Soni | 22.07.2011

Waar daar 'n rokie trek, brand 'n vuurtjie.

Comment by Marsh | 24.07.2011

Enough is enough!! Princess Charlene is a beautiful lady in and out.
Look at their beautiful pictures how they have the look of love.

More power to the Prince and Princess!

Comment by Sam | 27.07.2011

@Marsh: Sounds like you are insinuating your support for a totalitarian absolute monarchy, which I'm sure nobody wants...

Comment by reverse cell phone lookup | 16.09.2011

Prince Albert is about as believable as James Murdoch!

Comment by loestrin 24 coupon | 21.10.2011

Dont let them get the better of you two wonderful people

Comment by loestrin 24 coupon | 21.10.2011

i have been looking for this informations, prince looks beatiful.

Comment by Facebook People Search | 31.10.2011

This honeymoon look so sweet...

Comment by Free People Search | 31.10.2011

Beautiful dress, gorgeous bride, I wish them the very best.

I have to admit, I am a little bit confused by the majority of the comments here. Nobody appears to believe this woman is happy. But nobody is requiring her to marry him, regardless of the last second 3rd child runaway bride rumors. She's not really a servant, and she's sufficiently old to be aware of what she's engaging in.

Comment by Aveeno Coupons | 31.10.2011

They better be quick and have absolutely some children! Because you realize when his black baby boy grows up, he's likely to be hella pissed when he understands he's been disinherit­ed towards the throne!

Comment by scrabble word finder | 01.11.2011

Prince Albert is about as believable as James Murdoch!

Comment by Phone Number Lookup | 08.11.2011

I hope they will happy forever

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