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Advertorial - This month: Combining securities has advantages but you need advice

Structured products

A structured product is usually a combination of two securities, which is introduced to the investor as a single product. A typical one is a combination between a zerocoupon bond and call options on a group of shares. For example, combining a zero coupon bond for 85 per cent of the capital over five years and 15 per cent on an option provides a guaranty on the invested principal after five years.

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Advertorial - This month: An expert looks ahead cautiously at the prospects for 2011 on the stock markets

What about 2011?

Yves Derrien, Director of Riviera Financial Planning, answers three of the most frequently asked questions he receives from clients arising from his articles in The Riviera Times on investments for the future. As another year begins, should we be investing in the stock markets just yet?

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Business: Nice CCI will elect new president on 16th of December

Final day to vote in Chamber of Commerce elections

CCI poster

Remember that today is the final day that you can vote for representatives in the Nice Côte d’Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the newly created Chamber of Commerce PACA (Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur). Registered voters will be able to select candidates from industry, business and service sectors, from three different business unions.

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Advertorial - This month: RFP looks back at useful topics covered and still available online

Standing out from the crowd

Since RFP started their articles in The Riviera Times, we have written about a variety of subjects, aimed at explaining why RFP can be considered to be very different from other independent financial advisors (IFAs) and all other types of advisors, lawyers and bankers.

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Local Top Stories

Chaos on roads expected as August traffic begins

This weekend marks the start of the peak holiday period in France and as a result there will be an influx of cars on the roads, particularly those in the direction of the south east.Read more …

OGN Nice take on FC Barcelona for home friendly

It was 40 years ago when OGC Nice last defended their territory against Barcelona in the 1973 UEFA cup and this Saturday they are poised to do it again. On Saturday 2nd August, the Spanish second team will return for a pre-season friendly at the Nice Allianz Riviera stadium, home to the Côte d’Azur-based club.Read more …

Purple Pants Promenade to fundraise cancer

Two UK expats have been inspired by the work of Wellbeing of Women and Défi de Femmes to create a new fundraising event, the Purple Pants Promenade. Both charities provide indispensable services to women suffering from cancer. Read more …