29.06.2005 0

Cadarache confirmed for ITER project

Japan gives way to France on siting of multi-billion euro project

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29.06.2005 0

Port of Nice certified

Harbour office now boasts ISO 9001

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09.06.2005 0

Labour changes for new government

Plans to stick with socialist system but be more flexible

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03.06.2005 0

An Azurean in the government

Christian Estrosi's workload doubles

President of the Alpes Maritimes Council graduates to post in Paris

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02.06.2005 0

Internet bank fraud warning

Four French banks warn of mysterious attempts at seizing personal customer info

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30.05.2005 0

France says no

President Chirac to react in the coming days to treaty rejection

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11.05.2005 0

Delays at Nice airport

Passengers left stranded by computer virus

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10.05.2005 0

Cost of 2003 drought could run into billions

Var villages like Plan de la Tour were almost overwhelmed  by huge fires that took hold as a result of the 2003 drought

More claims made in one year than the total filed between 1989 and 2000

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06.05.2005 0

Cadarache a step closer to ITER

Technical agreement reached with Japan on first nuclear fusion reactor

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Local Top Stories

Bedbug infestations on the increase

Bedbugs are on the increase in French cities, according to a worrying report by the Nouvel Obs newspaper. In a trend which is believed to have begun in the late 1990s, some larger cities are fighting against infestations which can be significant enough to drive families from their homes.Read more …

Thief leaves ID at crime scene

Three young men aged in their 20s were arrested following the robbery of a villa in Menton, in what turned out to be an unusually simple case for police. One of the suspects managed to leave his identity papers at the villa, which made the tracking process particularly easy for police. Read more …

British murderer hands himself in

A mentally unstable British murderer who went on the run from a hospital in France has returned voluntarily, it has been announced. John Herbert, 52, had been sectioned for bludgeoning a fellow prisoner to death in 2011, whilst he was serving a sentence for the rape of his partner. Read more …