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02.11.2005 0

New art gallery opens in Nice

A modern contemporary art gallery opens tomorrow in Nice near the "Palais de la Méditerranée." For its inaugural exhibition, the brand new "Galerie d'Art Moderne et Contemporain Sandrine Mons" will show the work of the Belgian painter, Pierre Alechinsky for one month.

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26.10.2005 0

RADA performance in Mougins

Hillarity ensues at three consecutive Christmas parties  in this RADA production

Dramatic group performs "Absurd Person Singular" for three nights only

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20.10.2005 0

Jazz spectacular in Golfe-Juan

Heading the line-up for the jazz spectacular is the Riviera-based  Martinique Jazz Band, all of whom are Honorary citizens  of New Orleans

Riviera musicians unite to raise funds for New Orleans

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18.10.2005 0

Antipodean Cinema Festival

An eclectic presentation of the Southern hemisphere

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14.10.2005 0

Seventh edition of Mediterranean Photography Festival

There is a still a week to catch one of the region's best photography events.

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06.10.2005 0

Book Festival in Mouans-Sartoux

“Festival du Livre” brings together poets, writers and philosophers

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21.09.2005 0

Night of the Galleries

Event takes visitors on a tour of 15 galleries in Nice

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20.09.2005 0

Brazilian Photography month

Nice celebrates Brazil in pictures

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20.09.2005 0

Marsatac music

Electronic music festival this week in Marseille

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19.09.2005 0

Show in Sophia-Antipolis

"Journée des clubs" returns with spectacle at Théâtre de Valbonne

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Local Top Stories

Var cracks down on speeding

Police in the Var have launched a new road safety campaign with a crackdown on speeding following a sharp increase in road casualties since the beginning of 2014. As part of the package, a cutting edge mobile radar mounted on an unmarked car will be on patrol seven days a week.Read more …

Undelivered post in Nice

A backlog in post of around 35,000 letters is leaving some residents and businesses in Nice wondering where their mail is. Extra workers are being brought in to clear the build up. Read more …

Playground injuries: parental supervision advised

Two children were injured at the playground in the Promenade du Paillon park despite recent safety modifications, in accidents that happened less than a week apart. Similar incidents had already occurred in November, but the municipality says nothing can replace parental supervision.Read more …