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Provence & Côte d'Azur: The open day will be on 4th February between 9am and 5pm

International School of Nice to host open day

The International School of Nice will host an open day on Wednesday 4th February offering prospective parents and students the chance to discover the school and meet teaching staff. Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: The yearly pass costs €59.99 per month

SNCF unveils unlimited travel pass

Rail passengers can now enjoy unlimited travel on high-speed iDTGV services thanks to a new pass introduced by SNCF. The annual subscription forms part of the company's 10th anniversary celebrations, and will cost €720. Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: 55 killed on the region’s roads in 2014

Road deaths up in the Alpes Maritimes

New figures show that more people died on the region's roads last year than in 2013 - and half were riding motorcycles. The news comes just days after the French government released its road safety action plan to halve the number of deaths by 2020.Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: Customers of a Saint Raphaël bakery have the opportunity to buy coffees and snacks for the underpriveleged, in a new scheme

Var bakery adopts ‘pay it forward’ scheme

A Saint Raphaël bakery has introduced a new scheme which allows customers to purchase items for those in need while enjoying their mid-morning coffee. Following in the footsteps of cafes in Italy, the idea is already proving a success.Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: Development to include a 3,370m2 of shops and restaurants

Gare du Sud renovation in full flow

The city of Nice has confirmed that the redevelopment of the former Gare du Sud is progressing well and 2015 will see the creation of 135 new parking places in the area. The latest stage of works will create a marketplace, cinema and sports facilities on the site of the old train station, but it will cause disruptions for traffic and pedestrians in the surrounding area. Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: Talking CCTV cameras to fight crime in Alpes Maritimes town

Big brother talks

Le Cannet is about to adopt an unusual method of law enforcement: talking video surveillance cameras. The CCTVs are intended to stop minor offences, with officers reprimanding wrongdoers without even having to be present at the scene. Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: Tolls were supposed to increase by 0.57% on 1st February

Government postpones hike in road tolls

A proposed increase in road tolls due to come into effect on 1st February has been suspended pending a government review. The companies who operate France’s toll roads have now launched legal proceedings, saying that the suspension undermines their contracts. Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: There are now 3.49 million jobseekers in France

Unemployment hits historic high in 2014

Unemployment in France reached a new high by the end of 2014, with over 3.49 million registered jobseekers. Locally, there was a jump in December alone of 0.4% in the number of people looking for work. Prime Minister Manuel Valls is hoping to cut unemployment in 2015, but says the country “must not expect miracles.” Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: New model of TER is more spacious, more comfortable and more eco-friendly

SNCF unveils impressive new train

SNCF’s new ‘Regio 2N’ service embarked on its first official journey in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur yesterday. The 16 TER trains boast a modern, eco-friendly design and increased capacity, and will be in full circulation across the region by next year. Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: General crime drops but violent crimes and theft increasing in the Alpes Maritimes

Burglaries on the rise

Violence and burglaries are on the rise in the Alpes Maritimes, according to the latest crime statistics. While general crime has fallen slightly, there are several areas which continue to plague the region, giving it one of the highest crime rates in the country. Read more …

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Provence & Côte d'Azur: The 3,300 kilometre link stops at 29 different cities on the journey

Nice to Moscow train celebrates fifth birthday

The Nice to Moscow rail link celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. The service was inaugurated in 2010 and provides a weekly link between the two cities. The journey takes 48 hours and serves around 7,000 travellers each year, allowing passengers to discover the breathtaking scenery of Europe at a leisurely pace. Read more …